Place Value Quiz For Grade 2


As a ​student or teacher ⁣of grade 2 ‍math, ⁣understanding the concept of place value⁣ is essential for success in‍ higher levels of mathematics. This place value quiz ⁤covers all the key concepts from identifying ones, tens, hundreds, naming 3-digit ⁣numbers, and more. With 20 questions, this is a great way for grade⁣ 2 students and teachers to test their knowledge of place value.

Q1: What is the place value ⁤of the digit‌ 3 in the number 345?

A: Ten
B: Thousand
C: Hundred
D: One

Answer: C: Hundred – The 3 is in the ​hundreds place, making its place value equal ​to ‌100.

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