On which factor does cooling of water depends

The cooling of water depends on

  1. Temperature
    The temperature of the water affects the rate at which evaporation occurs. As the temperature increases, the amount of water vapor released per unit time decreases. Water evaporates faster at higher temperatures than lower ones. In fact, the amount of water lost by evaporation increases exponentially with increasing temperature.
  2. Pressure
    Water pressure affects the rate at which water evaporates. Higher pressures increase the rate of evaporation. At atmospheric pressure (the standard condition), the rate of evapotranspiration is about 1.8 liters per square meter per hour. If the air pressure is doubled, then the rate of evaportranspiration doubles to 3.6 liters per square meter. If the air pressure quadruples, then the rate of transpiration quadruples to 9.6 liters per second.
  3. Humidity
    Humidity affects the rate at which moisture evaporates. Moisture evaporates faster at higher humidity levels than low ones. The amount of water lost by transpiration increases exponentially with increasing relative humidity. Relative humidity refers to the ratio of actual moisture content to maximum possible moisture content.
  4. Wind speed
    Wind speed affects the rate at which air moves over the surface of the earth. Air movement causes wind-driven rain to fall back down onto the ground. When the wind blows across the land, it creates a boundary layer where the air near the ground is moving much slower than the air above it. Because the air near the ground cannot move as fast as the air above it, the air near the ground becomes warmer than the air above it, causing it to rise. Rising warm air is less dense than cool air, so it rises until it reaches cooler air. The rising air cools off and falls back down to the ground.
  5. Sunlight
    Sunlight affects the rate at which plants use sunlight to produce food. Plants need sunlight to make food using the process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into simple sugar molecules.

What are factors cooling of water depends?

Temperature, pressure, humidity , wind speed, sunlight


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