Note down the merits of integrated farming

Please Note down the merits of integrated farming as below.

  • Productivity– Integrated farming helps increased productivity
  • Profitability– Helps increase profits
  • Potentiality or Sustainability– Can sustain for long time
  • Balanced Food– provides balanced food will nutrition
  • Environmental Safety– does not damage the environment
  • Recycling– Can be recycled
  • Income Rounds the year– Integrated farming can be done round the year
  • Solving Fuel and Timber Crisis– helps reduce usage of fuel and timber
  • Employment Generation– helps provide employment to people
  • Agro – industries– helps agro industries grow
  • Increasing Input Efficiency– helps increase effeciency

So for the question to

Note down the merits of integrated farming

Answer is : Integrated farming provides an ways to increase productivity ,profitability round the year and helps in creating employment. It can be used to increase efficiency and grow the agro industries.

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