How to Login to IP Address

Trying to login to 192.168 ll ? Lets get some basics here. is the default subnet mask used by many routers. The first 24 bits (called octets) of IP addresses are set to 0, leaving only 8 bits (or octets). These 8 bits represent the host address, which can range from 0-255. In this case, we have 255 hosts in our network. Using the same subnet mask, but instead had 256 hosts, then we would need to change the last bit of the subnet mask to 1. The last bit represents the broadcast address, meaning that any device connected to the network could transmit data out to the entire network.

To log into your router, you will need to know the username and password associated with your account. You can configure these options under the “Administration” tab.

Login 192.168 ll IP Address

Click the below button quickly Login to 192.168 ll for router management.

Try the below passwords

Username: admin Password: admin

Username: admin Password: password router admin

Your home router login can be done using URL ( All the administration of router happens through this interface.

How to login to router admin using 192.168 ll ?

Total Time: 2 minutes

  1. Launch you Internet browser

    Open an Internet browser ( Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, brave, etc). and Enter in your browser address bar. You should disconnect VPN if you are connected.

  2. Enter IP url in your browser

    and Enter in your browser address bar. Note its not https

  3. Login to you router interface

    After the previous step once you click enter your local router admin login page will load up. Enter the login username and password Most routers have admin/admin or admin/password as credential which should be changed after the first installation.

  4. Setup Your Network

    Once you are in the router console, Config options will show up. which you can set as required.

Note that people often mistype in place of the actual IP . It is one of the IPs of the private range and defaulted by router brands as a default gateway to router’s management.


What is IP ?

This is the IP range of first subnet of your network. This is where your computers are located.

What is IP ?

This is the 2nd subnet of your network, this is where your wireless devices are located.

What is range ?

This is the default gateway IP address which you can change if you want to use any other IP address. If you have multiple routers, you may need to change this on each one.

Why I am not able to Login?

Top Reasons:
– Mistyped IP address 198.162 ||

– Misconfigured network , try using ethernet cable and login

– Your router may have different ip like or
Some of these routers use physical wired connection via Ethernet Cable before routing you to

– Using VPN may not work
– If Nothing works Reset your Router

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