How Tall Was Adam In The Bible? Uncovering the Truth

The original man, Adam, is one of the most important characters of the Bible. Many Christians believe that the story of Adam and Eve forms the basis for God’s relationship with mankind. But just how tall was Adam? From scouring the scriptures, uncovering the wisdom of theologians, and examining scientific research, we can gain insight on the height of this biblical figure.

The Bible and Adam’s Height

The Bible does not give a specific measurement for Adam’s height. However, we can gain some insight about his size through scriptures. In Ezekiel 28:12-18, Adam is referred to as “the anointed cherub who covers”. In Jewish tradition, an anointed cherub is an angel of a higher rank, taller than many other angels. Thus, it could be argued that Adam was taller than the average man.

In addition, Adam is sometimes referred to as “man of the earth” or “earthly man” in the Bible. This could suggest that he was the same size or even slightly smaller than an average human being. This interpretation is supported by the fact that Adam was hidden in the Garden of Eden, suggesting he was not particularly huge.

Theology and Adam’s Height

In addition to Biblical passages, theologians have long speculated on Adam’s size. Their opinions vary widely, but many agree that Adam was likely around six feet tall. This is based on the idea that a perfect and all-powerful God could create a man with an ideal physical build. Thus, some theologians believe that Adam stood a head above other men.

Others have argued in favor of Adam being slightly shorter. This could be because a human form may have been chosen for its strength and agility, in which case Adam would have been more successful if he had a smaller frame.

Science and Adam’s Height

Recent scientific research has also uncovered the truth about Adam’s height. After extensive analysis of bones, researchers determined that the average height of a male in the ancient Near East region was five feet, three inches tall. This height was standard for a typical Semitic male, which is exactly what Adam would have been.

Combining scientific research with biblical and theological interpretation, it can be concluded that Adam was most likely around five and a half feet tall. While no exact measurement is available, evidence suggests that Adam was around the same size or slightly smaller than an average human being.


The exact height of Adam in the Bible remains unknown. However, evidence from scripture, theologians, and science indicate that he was most likely around five and a half feet tall. Therefore, we can gain insight on the size of this important biblical figure.

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