How Far Is Balmoral Castle From London? Know the Distance From London to Balmoral Castle

Are you planning a weekend getaway from London and curious about the distance from London to Balmoral Castle? Well, Balmoral Castle is located in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region, about 475 miles away from London. But don’t be alarmed, as the journey is easy and scenic and can easily be completed in one day. Here is more on the Balmoral Castle and how to get there.

A Brief History of Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle has been a royal residence in Scotland since 1852 when it was purchased by Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. Since then, many members of the British royal family have enjoyed staying at the castle during the summer months. It is the one of the most famous castles in Scotland, and is owned by the British monarchy. It is also the favorite residence of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Getting To Balmoral Castle

There are various ways to reach Balmoral Castle. If you’re traveling from London, the most convenient way is by train. You can take a direct train from London’s King’s Cross Station to Inverness via Aberdeen. This journey will take around 8 hours. From Inverness, you can take a bus or a car to reach Balmoral Castle, which will take around four hours.

Visiting Balmoral Castle

You may not be able to enter the castle itself, as it is still a private residence, but you can explore the beautiful 25,000-acre grounds surrounding the castle. The grounds are open to visitors every April to July. You can spend time hiking, fishing, or enjoying the stunning nature around you.


Overall, the distance from London to Balmoral Castle is about 475 miles, making it a great weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re looking for some fresh air and quality time away from London, then Balmoral Castle should be your perfect choice.

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