Grade 1 General Knowledge Questions

: 20 Questions With⁣ Answers

Do your kids easily ace ⁢their tests? Are they well-versed in ‌grade 1 general knowledge topics? You can make sure if ⁣your kids know all the general ⁤knowledge topics as a part of their grade 1 ​curriculum by testing them with these quiz questions. Read these 20 questions with answers about grade 1 general knowledge⁢ topics and‌ test​ your kid’s knowledge!


Q1:⁤ What does ‘sin’ mean?


A: Almighty ​

B: Moral ‍lapse

C: Opposite ‌

D: Cockroach

Answer: B: Moral lapse

Q2: Who wrote the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’?


A: J.K.⁢ Rowling

B: Dan Brown

C: Mark Twain

D: J.R.R. Tolkien

Answer: C:​ Mark Twain

Q3: Who invented the telephone?


A: Wilbur Wright

B: Thomas ⁣Edison

C: Louis Pasteur

D: Alexander ⁣Graham⁢ Bell ⁤

Answer: D: Alexander Graham Bell

Q4: How many sides does a circle have?


A: Four ‌‍

B: Five

C: Six ⁢ ⁤ ⁣

D: Zero ⁤

Answer: D: Zero

Q5: What is the capital of Maharashtra?


A: Amaravati

B: Hyderabad

C: Bengaluru

D: Mumbai

Answer: D: Mumbai

Q6: What is the importance of 2nd⁢ October?


A: Republic Day ‍

B: Independence Day

C: Gandhi Jayanti ‌

D: Teacher’s Day

Answer: C: Gandhi Jayanti

Q7: Name the‍ fastest land animal?


A: Ostrich ​

B: Cheetah

C: Elephant

D: Lion

Answer: B: Cheetah

Q8: Who is the Prime Minister of India?


A: Narendra Modi

B: Rajnath⁣ Singh

C: Amit Shah

D: Rahul Gandhi

Answer: A: Narendra Modi

Q9: Where is the Taj Mahal located?⁢

Options: ⁤

A: Hyderabad ‍

B: Aurangabad ‌

C: Agra ⁣ ⁣

D: Lucknow‌

Answer: C: Agra

Q10: What is the national animal‍ of‍ India?


A: Lion

B: Tiger⁣

C: Elephant

D: Wolf

Answer: B: Tiger

Q11: He invented the ballpoint pen. Who was he?


A: Nikola Tesla

B: John Harvey Kellogg

C: Georges Claude

D: Laszlo Biro ⁤

Answer: D: Laszlo ​Biro

Q12: What is the capital of India?

Options: ⁣

A: Mumbai

B: Bangalore

C: Kolkata

D: Delhi

Answer: ‍D: Delhi

Q13: How⁤ many bones are in⁣ the human body?


A: 264

B: 206

C: 264

D: 300

Answer: B: 206

Q14: What is the ⁤temperature of boiling water?


A: 100 Celsius

B: 212 Celsius ⁣

C: 98.4 Fahrenheit

D: 212 Fahrenheit

Answer: B: 212 Celsius

Q15: ​What is the⁢ name of the most popular dance form in India?


A: Bollywood

B: Kathakali ⁤

C: Odissi

D: Bhangra​

Answer: D: Bhangra

Q16: Who invented the⁣ electric light bulb?


A: Alexander Graham Bell

B: Albert​ Einstein

C: Louis Pasteur

D: Thomas Edison ⁤

Answer: D: Thomas Edison

Q17: ⁢How⁣ many players are there ⁤in a cricket team?


A: 11 ⁢

B: 10

C: 9

D: 8

Answer: A: 11

Q18: What is the scientific name of human being?


A: ⁢Mammalia

B: Homo sapiens

C: Homo erectus

D: Hominidae

Answer: B: Homo sapiens

Q19: Who was the President of India in 2001?


A: K.R. Narayanan

B: Ram Nath Kovind

C: Pratibha Patil ⁢

D: A.P.J. Abdul ⁣Kalam

Answer: D: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Q20: ‍What is the name of India’s first satellite launched⁤ in 1975?


A: Apstar

B: Kalpana-1

C: Chandrayaan-2

D: Aryabhatta

Answer: D: Aryabhatta

These 20 questions ‍will help you to test your kid’s knowledge of grade 1 general knowledge topics. If they ⁣answer all the questions correctly, then‍ he/she is all set to ace their⁣ grade 1 tests with flying colors!

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