Discovering How Tall Adam Was in the Bible

The Bible is a source of valuable information on a variety of topics. In particular, it provides information about the progenitor of mankind – Adam. It is believed that he was created or formed by God, who then put him in the Garden of Eden. But how tall was Adam in his lifetime, if the Bible states anything in this regard?

The Bible does not explicitly mention the height of Adam. However, certain clues may be found in Old Testament references to the sons of Adam’s lineage. According to the Bible, within ten generations of Adam there were two towering figures. One was Og, the king of Bashan; the other was Goliath the Philistine. Both of these men were described as being ‘over nine feet tall’.

This information suggests that Adam, along with his descendants, must have been relatively tall in comparison to the average man. This can be corroborated by other evidence. For example, one of the earliest sculptures of Adam in the Bible shows him to be about 6 feet tall. This was centuries before Og and Goliath, which suggests that Adam was likely to have been at least of the same height.

This idea is further supported by the Bible’s mention of the brass serpent in the wilderness. The bronze serpent was designed to be ‘fixed upon a pole’ and was described as a symbol of salvation. This means that the pole being used would have had to be at least twelve feet tall in order for the serpent to be seen by people at a distance. This also indicates that Adam, or his descendants, were of a greater height than most people.

So the Bible does not explicitly say how tall Adam was, but the clues left behind in the Old Testament and other sources are more than enough to suggest that he was of a greater height than the average person. Adam’s lineage certainly was, as evidenced by the sons of Adam’s lineage being described as being ‘over nine feet tall’. Hopefully, this article has helped to shed some light on the height of Adam.

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