Convex lens focus a real point sized image at focus the object is placed

The 3 terms used in the question “Convex lens focus a real point sized image at focus the object is placed_____” are.

1. Convex Lens

A convex lens is a type of optical element that has a curved surface. This curvature causes light rays to converge towards its focal point, where it becomes focused. A concave lens works similarly, but diverges light instead.

2. Focal Point

The focal point is the point of convergence of the light rays from a single point source. In optics, this point is often represented by a dot or small circle.

3. Real Image

An object’s image appears inverted in relation to the actual position of the object. An object’s true size can only be measured when it is viewed directly (without any intervening lenses).

The options are

a) at focus 

(b) between F and 2f 

(c) at infinity 

(d) at 2

Correct option is C)

Convex lens forms a real, point sized image at focus, the object is placed at infinity

How does a convex lens focus a real point sized image at focus the object is placed at infinity?

A convex lens has curved sides and a flat back. The curvature of the sides causes light rays from objects behind the lens to bend towards its center. This bending creates a magnified image of the object at the focal length of the lens.

(1)If the object is placed at the distance where the image is formed, the image will appear to be smaller than the size of the object.

(2)If the object is moved closer to the lens, the image will appear larger than the object.

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(3)If the object is further away from the lens, the image appears to get smaller.

How does a convex lens form a real, point sized, image at focus

When the object is placed at infinity

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