how long does summoning sickness last

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How Long Does Summoning Sickness Last?

Summoning sickness is a term in Magic: The Gathering that describes the state of being reduced in power for certain creatures for one turn after being summoned. For example, if a creature with summoning sickness is attacked on the turn it is summoned, it is unable to block because it has no power to use for the defense. So the question is, how long does summoning sickness last?

How Does Summoning Sickness Work?

In Magic: The Gathering, summoning sickness only affects creatures (with one notable exception, which we will discuss later). These creatures are “tapped,” meaning that they cannot attack or use abilities until they’re untapped once more. This is because they become part of the game’s resources on the turn they are summoned, and therefore they don’t have the same power they did outside the game.

The effect of summoning sickness lasts for one turn, starting from the moment that creature is summoned. Therefore, a creature summoned during the first turn of the game will not be able to attack or use any of its abilities in the second turn, as it is still suffering from the effects of summoning sickness. After that, the creature reverts to its normal state and can start attacking and using abilities again.

Exceptions to the Rule

There is one notable exception to this rule: if you cast an instant or sorcery with flash, you can bypass summoning sickness entirely. In other words, you can immediately tap and use that creature’s abilities on the same turn it was summoned. This is an exception to the rule because the creature has no time to be “summoned” in the traditional sense. Instead, they simply appear, ready to be used.


So, the answer to the question of how long does summoning sickness last is that it lasts for one turn. After that, the creature is untapped and can use its abilities normally. However, it is important to remember that there is one exception to this rule; creatures summoned with flash bypass summoning sickness.

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